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Michael Luchen

Professional Overview

Michael Luchen is the Director of Sales and Operations for OKMerchant Payment Solutions, a First Data Company a Registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank N.A. and one of the leading providers of payment processing in the United States. Throughout his career, Michael has worked in various industries including real estate and the financial field. Regardless of the industry, though, Michael has always found himself in a sales role. Since 2012 Michael has focused on the payment processing industry. His years of sales experience in other industries have helped him excel in his current field. Today Michael enjoys sharing his sales knowledge with his team and helping others learn how to be successful salespeople.

One of the best aspects of working in the payment processing industry is helping business owners save money. Michael Luchen and his company OKMerchant provide businesses with terminals free of charge. Unlike traditional sales where a salesperson asks for money, Michael’s job involves contacting business owners and explaining how he can help them actually save money. The payment processing industry is particularly competitive because businesses get contacted with numerous offers. As a result, it can be difficult to get a business to believe the deals that OKMerchant can offer. Michael and his team work hard to convince potential customers that they are different. While it is challenging work, Michael enjoys it.

Over the course of his career, Michael Luchen has learned that the most essential quality a salesperson can have is integrity. Michael has always found that if you take care of your customers they will, in turn, take care of you. While many salespeople dream about making money quickly in the short term, in reality, that is often difficult to achieve in an honest manner. However, Michael believes that if one works honestly then lasting success can be achieved in the long term. OKMerchant stands out from competitors because it doesn’t charge “junk” fees. Michael is proud of the work he does with the company, and he is committed to informing businesses about how they can benefit from partnering with the organization.

Before Michael Luchen became involved in the electronic payment processing industry, he didn’t know much about it. However, after working in the field for over five years, he believes that it’s one of the best industries that a salesperson can be a part of. After closing an account, a salesperson can earn residuals for years—as long as the business uses the service. Michael is excited about the future of the electronic payment processing industry, and he looks forward to continuing to train new salespeople and helping businesses save money while serving their customers.

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