Michael Luchen

Frequently Asked Questions

We actually do not require a contract. Our clients stay with us because they want to and not because they have to. Our rates never go up and the service I give is second to none. Not requiring a contract proves that.

Do you have a contract and if so how long is the term?

We actually are moving away from traditional credit card processing and the fees that come along with that. We charge a flat rate of $99 and it doesn’t matter what your transaction Count is or Volume dollar amount.

What are your rates?

Typical savings to a merchant is up to 100%. We have two programs available. The traditional in which you continue to pay all fees but I can reduce your current bill by 20-40% depending on a few factors. It is not just about the rate. As a example In one case I actually raised the Merchants rate but got rid of $200 in non exsisting fees also referred to as Junk fees which most brokers and banks do charge. I simply operate off of Interchange plus and a reasonable transaction fee. We never charge batch, statement, non PCI fees etc. Our Second program we remove 100% of all fees. The Merchant pays $99 Flat and than offers their cash customers a discount and if they opt to use a Credit or debit card the POS or credit card terminal will add a small 4% convenience fee. Example $10 purchase would be $10.40. This helps offset the cost of fees and this is still less to any customer than any ATM MACHINE. This program is also working very successfully for my clients.

How much money can I save if I switch to you Michael?

Yes we do provide credit card terminals and Point of Sales. we offer all of this equipment at absolutely no cost to our customers. The reason being is our plan is to keep a long-term relationship and by doing so we learn our profits over time and from referrals. So I personally never nickel-and-dime any client. iOffer Pax S80 , ingenicos and dejavoo. I also offer the Poynt POS system. E-hopper does your inventory and menus. Although the equipment is free if you choose that you want to point the cell system there is a $40 point-of-sale service charge that’s billed not by us but by E-Hopper.
Do you do you provide a credit card terminal or a point-of-sale system and if so how much?

Yes we do the best thing that I can get even better than a thank you is a referral. but I do have a referral program in place for any one of my existing clients that sends over a referral not only of course when we meet that client look good and take care of their referral beyond belief. We also offer a $100 upfront referral for every new approved account that activates.

Do you have a referral program?

Well my office is located in Manhattan New York in the Wall Street area but I deal with every state across the U.S. I even have accounts in Alaska and accounts in Hawaii.

What state do you specifically handle?