Cryptocurrency Investments Are Attractive To Investors --Here's Why | Michael LuchenAcross the board, 2017 was a banner year for cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin achieved mainstream respect as a viable alternative investment, and its price shot up accordingly. However, the unprecedented growth of Bitcoin has caused some people to believe that all of the upside is gone.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Crypto is now just coming into its value, not creating a bubble around itself. Here are just a few of the reasons that crypto is still very attractive to some huge investors, even changing the mind of JPMorgan head Jamie Dimon.

Currencies Make Money After Mainstream Acceptance

If there was no more upside to Bitcoin and other altcoins, then there would be no more upside to any currency on the Forex market as well. First World currencies that have achieved their average value, even relative to other world currencies, still leave savvy investors plenty of room to make money. Trading arbitrage, percentages against other currencies and the natural fluctuations of a single currency may all lead to great returns.

Crypto Has Farther to Go in the Mainstream

Plenty of people know about Bitcoin, but not everyone is in it yet. Wal-Mart has yet to adopt it as a mainstay form of payment. More stores accept Apple Pay than Bitcoin. There are more people who still have the ability to raise the entire marketplace, and you should get in before tey do to benefit from their late start.

The Utility of Bitcoin is Pervasive

If Bitcoin and other altcoins did not have a practical purpose, then investors might be right in saying there is a bubble around the industry. However, the reason that crypto has advanced as far as it has is because of its prime utility. It offers a better way to transition money between partners than traditional banks. There is less opportunity for fraud on the blockchain, and no central bank means less corruption within the monetary system as a whole.

Here’s the bottom line – it is not too late to invest in cryptocurrency. You may not get the stratospheric rise of late 2017, but you have a great chance at some outstanding returns. The early bird still gets the worm here, so do your due diligence and act accordingly.