What's Next for E-Commerce_ Here's the Answer and the Future of Online Marketing _ Michael LuchenIn this era of Amazon Prime, it’s crucial to grasp the ways it’s transforming conventional marketing. Incorporating both online and physical shopping stores is an essential factor since consumers are making more and more buying decisions on the internet.

Ever since then it became a household name, Amazon has started making the drive towards being an international e-commerce service. Subsequently, they have included a recent international shipping factor in spreading into 100 different countries.

One of their most significant opportunities for profit and service is in India Amazon has been competitively branching out into this sector, having now spent almost $5 billion in the Indian market. By Amazon’s judgment, the nation is on track to be the quickest growing sector, as such, they are expending all their efforts to maintain their top position.

The central service Amazon offers is currently restricted to only a few countries — mainly the United States, the Middle East, West Europe, Singapore, and Australia. The latest addition will thankfully allow mobile app access for people residing in different nations that want to buy items online.

As you can see, by adding the global shipping feature for consumers in untapped places, the items can now be transported to their location. The feature can additionally compute things like shipping fees and import costs. It seems like a small step, but it is an important move for Amazon because they will instantly hold a presence in more than 100 nations.

Global consumers aren’t currently receiving anything close to the entire advantages of Amazon. This means they are missing out on the Prime bundle which grants e-commerce benefits with free video and music broadcasting. Still, it’s unmistakable that Amazon is adapting and finding a way to start linking up with a significant portion of the international market using a simple means. This global customer experience may even aid it in finding audiences with great needs for upcoming local extensions.

Most likely, the future plans will include diminishing the global fees for consumers increasing the number of products which transport internationally.

The Vice President of Amazon Exports, Samir Kumar, noted that they are continuously inventing better services for consumers. With the recent features that were added, they are making the lives of people shopping on smartphones better and better. Hopefully, he mentioned, it’s more helpful for the people who are outside of the U.S.