Over the last decade or so, technology has taken itself to new heights with apps and services that, ten years ago, we probably would have never thought of.  Digital security has become a huge issue for technology users across the globe. Everyday, tech users trust multiple internet sites and mobile apps with personal information that would create tremendous issues should it be leaked into the wrong hands.  Though some may be uncomfortable in the beginning, as time goes on, more and more users are succumbing to keeping their personal information digitally. On the other end of the technology spectrum, developers have created apps that are designed to assist tech users in keeping their personal information safe and secure.



Secure Money Transfer

Within the last few years, the phrase “Venmo me” has been adopted into the everyday vocabulary of many technology users.  Extremely popular, and very convenient, Venmo is a secure money transfer app that lets users securely send money directly to one another’s bank accounts with a few short steps; the best part, it’s free!  Users can link Venmo directly to their banks accounts, most debit cards, as well as being able to take advantage of the “Venmo balance”, where funds are linked to your account within the app.



Encrypted Messaging

Messaging between mobile devices has significantly evolved from the simple days of a short SMS text message.  Companies such as Apple, lead text messaging to the next tier by developing systems like iMessage, the standard messaging system for all Apple users that links messages to any synced Apple device.  Application developers however, took it a step further with encrypted messaging apps that securely send messages between users without the risk of a potential hack.  Encryption essentially scrambles text messages between users so in the event of a hack, the hacker still won’t be able to access a legible message. Signal, particularly, is a popular app used for text encryption purposes.  It is efficient, can support group chats as well as photo and video sharing. The only important factor to remember is in order for Signal to work effectively, both users must have the app installed.



Password Management

For all of the different online accounts and websites technology users interact with everyday, more than likely, each one has a different type of password.  Sites and accounts are password protected to secure any of the users personal information from active hackers. The result of this has been multiple passwords, for numerous sites, that sometimes all require different password specifications in order to ensure users are creating strong passwords.  LastPass was created by developers to ease the pain of multiple passwords and having to continuously click the “forgot my password” button.  The app will generate complex and secure passwords for all of your log-in accounts, the only password the user needs to remember is the master password to log-in to LastPass; then, users can rely on the app to do the rest of the remembering.