Instagram and similar social media platforms have redefined window shopping. Rather than leisurely strolls downtown, shoppers can now see exciting new products from the comfort of their mobile devices. The way people buy the products they see has dramatically shifted to the world of mobile e-commerce.


This year, smartphone users will account for almost 40-percent of all e-commerce sales. By 2020, that total will rise to nearly half. Meanwhile, social networks have evolved to facilitate sales in traditional and online stores. As a result “social commerce” has become a dominant trend. Use the following tips to help your e-commerce brand boost its reach and engagement.


Publish Content Shoppers Can Bookmark


Already, more than half of all consumers already have bought something that they first saw on social media. However, social media users rarely make their buying decision right away. So, you need to publish appealing content that users can bookmark and access later. For the most part, this means that you should use Pinterest and Instagram.


Join the Pop-Up Craze


Many e-commerce brands feel disadvantaged because shoppers can’t physically experience their products before closing a sale. As a result, timid buyers may choose to buy from a more accessible brand. At least one major department store has started a “pop-up” series where they give shoppers a chance to get hands-on exposure to online-only products. If necessary, take the lead by sponsoring a new pop-up program in your area.


Use Social Media Throughout Your Funnel


Rather than using social media only at the top of your sales funnel, use curated content from popular social networks closer to the purchase point. Images of satisfied customers enjoying your products can often be enough to nudge shoppers across the finish line. As you implement this strategy, prepare for when people shop directly from your social media feeds. Such technology will shorten your sales funnel, increasing the need for affirmative images.


In summary, e-commerce brands can use social media right now to boost your reach in ways that increase sales. As you execute your social strategy, remember to create fantastic visuals in ways that encourage modern “window shopping.” Also, look for ways to create an omnichannel marketing presence that exposes your brand to shoppers at every point of your sales funnel.